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The Wisconsin Vineyard – Where Winemaking Happens!

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wisconsin vineyard

When you pull the cork out of a bottle of wine made from a Wisconsin Vineyard, you probably aren’t thinking about everything that had to happen for you to inhale that first aroma or watch the wine splash into the wineglass. You’re probably thinking about how wonderful it tastes – whatever your tastes might be.

There’s an old adage that 80% of winemaking happens in the vineyard and it’s the truth.

And no this doesn’t mean that it’s the machinery, bottling, or processing that happens on-site at the Wisconsin Vineyard!

16-Acre Wisconsin Vineyard!

What it means is that 80% of what makes a wine great happens in the vineyard: with the sun and earth, the fertilizer and water. You can’t make a good wine with bad grapes. And at Cold Country Vines & Wines, we’ve started with 16 acres of the best Wisconsin Vineyard we could create.Wisconsin Vineyard

Believe it or not, our corner of Wisconsin is perfect for wines. Our Wisconsin Vineyard is ideal for grape growing – with airflow that moves the cold frost of the spring and fall out of the vineyard. (A huge advantage over other Wisconsin vineyards!)

The magic of our award winning wines happens in the vineyard where we have chosen our grape varieties specifically to thrive in the cold and short-season of Wisconsin. Climate is the most significant factor in determining a grape’s inherent qualities. Each grape species has a uniquely preferred environment for ideal growing and selecting the best strain is an important decision in grape cultivation. In addition, because temperature and rain can be unpredictable and uncontrollable, each year will produce unique qualities and yields of grapes.

wisconsin vineyardsWe grow Nine Varieties of Grapes on our Wisconsin Vineyard!

We grow nine varieties of grapes and each is selected to be ideal for our Wisconsin vineyard. At Cold Country Vines & Wines we are among the pioneers of cold-weather winemaking. Currently there are only 67 Wisconsin vineyards – compared with over 3,700 in California!

Be sure to come visit Cold Country Vines & Wines and taste one of our award-wining wines: grown right here on our Wisconsin Vineyard! We don’t attempt to imitate the wines of France or Napa Valley. Instead, we appeal to wine lovers who seek a hidden gem and who trust their own taste – rather than a sommelier’s.