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White Wines


Cold Country Vineyard (4)Brianna, grown in our own vineyards, is our estate wine that boasts the designation of the Wisconsin Ledge (AVA).   A delightfully crisp, fruity, semi-sweet wine with notes of peach and plum.  It has an amazing pineapple aroma.Cold Country Vines & Wines Summer MorningsSummer Mornings is a blend of cold climate grapes partly from our own vineyards.  It is a semi-sweet wine with notes of peach, pear and grapefruit.  It has a slightly darker straw color.


La CrescentLaCrescent is a university of Minnesota variety that has white wine lovers all over the Midwest talking about its amazing character.  Our LaCrescent is at the top of the list as a 2014 International Cold Climate Wine Competition Double Gold Metal Winner.  This wine is headed for greatness with its notes of tangerine and apricot and its distinct floral aromaSeyval BlancSeyval Blanc is one of the most popular white wines of the Midwest.  Grown worldwide, it is a semi-cold hardy grape that rivals any of the popular whites grown in warmer regions.  It has a combination of fruit and spice that goes well with seafood or poultry


RieslingRiesling is our traditional semi-sweet white that has the classic apricot and grapefruit notes with a delightfully spicy finishCold Country Vineyard (4)Chardonel is made from the Chardonel grape, which is a cross between Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc.  This wonderful offering was crafted in the exact methodology as Chardonnay and it is following nicely in its parents footsteps.  It is a dry white wine of complex tones of fruit, smoke and oak, with a delightfully spicy finish.


Cold Country Vineyard (4)Ice Wine – Made from our very own Frontenac Gris, this limited release is a real treasure of the north.  Picked on November 13th, our first blustery cold day of the coming winter, this wine is for the true believers.  Good things can come from the cold.  A sweet white blessed with an overabundance of apricot, peach and grapefruit, you have to try it to believe it.  Keep an eye out for our new selection which will be coming out in Spring 2017, Frontenac Blanc Ice Wine. rock_legend_frontaug8

 Rock Legend -(Carbonated) a rose’ blend of Cold Country Vines & Wines estate grown grapes.  This carbonated wine is made in the Muscato style and has a fragrance of strawberry, pineapple, and orange peel.


Red Wines


MarquetteMarquette is grown in our own vineyard.  We add to our volume by purchasing Marquette from three other Wisconsin growers and one in Michigan.  This wine is a delicious red with notes of cherry, blackberry and vanilla.  This wine goes very well with salmon or lighter meat dishes.FrontenacFrontenac Dessert Wine is a wine, made from the Frontenac grape is a warm smooth enjoyable after dinner drink.  It will make those long cold winter nights a little warmer.


Spring ThawSpring Thaw is a blend of cold climate grapes that is reminiscent of the lighter days of spring.  This is a semi sweet red which has aroma of plum and a trace of berry.Red SunsetRed Sunset is a wine of character.  It stands on it’s own with well balanced soft tannins.  It has a smoky aroma with notes of black cherry and vanilla.


Cold Country Vineyard (9)Northern Lights – This is a sweet red table wine which has strong notes of cherry and blackberry.  It is a combination of Frontenac Grapes and about 20 percent Door County Cherry.  This is an amazing northern delight.Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon – A wine for the traditional red wine lover.  This is one of  our only offerings that is not crafted from a cold climate cultivar.  This grape was purchased from California, finished in our own winery by aging with oak and then bottled.  This wine goes great with red meat, or chocolate.