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Wine Tasting In Wisconsin – Discover A New Favorite!

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wine tasting in wisconsin

Cold Country Vines & Wines is a great place to come for a wine tasting in Wisconsin! Our tasting room is open every day in-season, Thursday through Monday during the winter, and we offer tours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – on request and during events! While you may not think that wine and Wisconsin go together, we encourage you to stop by and taste our 13 varieties wine. We have a few types you’ll recognize like Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, but don’t think you have to stick with a known favorite!

Tony Goitia, wine expert, taught International Wines at UNLV for six years and debunks one of the most common wine tasting myths like:

Myth No. 7 – If you find a wine you like, stick to it.

Tony says, “I certainly understand having a favorite wine, as I often fall back on white Burgundies, or Sancerre, but when that’s all you drink, shame on you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a big wine tasting, and someone sees that I am pouring their favorite wine. They get excited and ask for a glass because “it’s my favorite wine; I drink it all the time.” What’s wrong with you? No sense of adventure? Think about it, the next wine you try may be 10 times better than the one you love now. If you don’t like it, dump it out and try another. That’s why we put dump buckets on the tables at wine tastings.”

Wine Tasting in Wisconsin at Cold Country vines & Wines!

And we couldn’t agree with Mr. Goitia more! Our wine tasting room offers samples of all our wines. And if you don’t TRY something new, you’ll never know when you might discover a new favorite.

We especially recommend our ‘La Crescent’ which was one of only two Double Gold awards Wine tasting in wisconsinpresented to Wisconsin vineyards at the 6th Annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition. ‘La Crescent’ is a white wine with a crisp flavor due to high acidity; it is made into a semi-sweet table wine.

Another award-winning wine available for you to taste is our Marquette. Cold Country Vines & Wines received a Silver award for this wine. Marquette grapes were developed by the University of Minnesota, to be a cold-hardy grape that is closely related to Frontenac and Pinot Nior. Which makes it perfectly suited to our Wisconsin weather!

And don’t worry about hurting our feelings if you do decide to use the dump bucket! We want you to come to a wine tasting at Cold Country Vines & Wines, experience our wines, and hopefully discover a new favorite! Can’t wait to see you!

Two new varieties will be added in 2015, White Out and Petite Pearl!