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Wine Serving Temperature?

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Wisconsin the next Napa Valley

Ok, there are several so called rules on wine serving temperature that we will get out of the way right away.

  1. All white wines should be served chilled. This is true for the most part except in the area of chardonnay. Many chardonnay drinkers like it served closer to room temperature. It has to do with the amount of oak tannins that exist in a particular chardonnay. Still, most people drink even these whites chilled to about 52 to 55 degrees.

  2. All red wines should be drunk at room temperature. First of all, what most people don’t know is that this rule of thumb is talking about cellar temperature. If you are in a 75 degree room, it would not be ideal to drink any red wine at this same temperature. The second thing that most people don’t know about this rule is that it is referring to dry reds with a lot of tannin structure. So when you are drinking a dry red with some tannin in it, the ideal serving temperature is between 62 and 68 degrees.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go over Jay Stoeger’s rules:

  1. Drink your wines at whatever temperature makes the wine taste the best to you! (or your guests).

  2. Sweet reds, without a lot of tannin, taste excellent all the way down to 40 degrees on hot summer days.

  3. Find your preferred temperature for whites by experimenting. I myself like most whites a little warmer than the typical serving temperature at restaurants, and definitely not straight out of the refrigerator.

  4. If you pull an excellent red off of your wine rack and it’s 70 degrees or more, put it in the refrigerator for a half hour. Get it down to between 58 to 60 degrees. It will warm somewhat in your glass and be at the perfect temperature when you drink it. Of course, this is slanted toward what I like which is about 62 degrees. If you don’t believe me, try this on a warm summer day. If you’re not amazed at how much better it tastes, I would be surprised, but again that’s me.

Now I hate to talk about Winter when the weather is still warm, but when you get out to that outdoor festival or ski slope or ice rink, consider trying the hot spiced wine. It’s amazing how good this tastes on those cold days. The other side of the coin is the wine slushie. I have not tried one of these yet but it sounds like something that would go good on those really hot summer days.

So you see, you can find the right temperature for a wine or you can find the right kind of wine for the temperature. It’s all about enjoyment of a delicious beverage.  Now some people consider me an expert, but I’m just a guy that cared enough to find out what really worked well for me.  It turns out that a lot of other people like it that way as well.

Until next week,

J Stoeger

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