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Visiting a Winery 101

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Wine Tasting

As a wine lover, your to-do list is incomplete if you haven’t visited a winery. Going to a wine store is nothing like the experience of visiting a winery. If you consider yourself a true wine lover or if you’re just looking for a new experience, dedicate a day or two to visiting a winery.


There’s no better place for wine tasting than visiting a winery where that wine is made. Wine tasting allows you to taste the passion of the wines and winemakers. If you’re interested in appreciating some good wine — and you should be — your best choice is to find a good winery that delivers quality instead of quantity. Most likely, a small winery. Small wineries truly define the passion for wines and let you enjoy quality time with the people who make them, which will help you to learn more about wine and how they’re made.

It won’t cost you a fortune either. Most wineries charge only a small fee for tastings and their bottles cost less than they do in stores. Wine tasting is actually a very inexpensive way to spend a few hours. Not to mention, it’s a great time.


So you’ve made up your mind to visit a winery, but you don’t have any idea where to go. Just do an online search and you’ll find plenty of options. A keyword like ‘wineries in California’ will return thousands of results that will reveal a lot of information about the wineries available in and around California. You’ll probably want to narrow your search down by region or even city to get more targeted results.

You can also locate wineries around you with the help of Google Maps. Just type winery into Google Maps on your phone and you’ll see if there are any wineries located close to you. You’ll also see customer reviews, which can be helpful in determining whether or not you want to visit a particular winery.


Sure, you can drink wine, but what else should you do when you visit a winery? Here are some tips to make your visit fun and successful.

  1. See How the Wine is Made: Many wineries will take you on a tour of their vineyard and winemaking operation if you so desire. You can see how the grapes are grown, harvested, turned into wine and eventually, how the wine is stored. It’s a fascinating process.
  2. Learn: When you visit a winery, you’re meeting people who know more about wine than most. Take advantage and ask questions. You can find out why certain wines taste the way they do, how they’re made or about the history of the vineyard.
  3. Stock Up: Wineries offer you a great opportunity to get world-class wines as very reasonable prices. Taste them all and then buy a bottle of two to take home for your collection.
  4. Special Events: A lot of wineries, including ours, offers a number of special events throughout the year. Those include festivals, parties and live music. After all, wine goes great with all of them!  Check out our events here!

Finally, if you’re planning on staying a while or visiting multiple wineries on the same day, remember to hire a car service or designate a driver. As a winemaker, we certainly want to see you again!

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