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Storm Coming to Cold Country

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Coming Wednesday and Thursday?

We have what could be a major storm on the way this week with as much as a foot or more of snow.  Thats not the bad part.  It could be as much as 45 mile an hour wind blowing it around.  We at Cold Country are going to grab a bottle of Ice Wine and celebrate the fact that we are just going to stay in for the day.  We may substitute the Ice Wine for the Cab but it just seems so fitting considering that without the nasty cold weather we get here in the north, Ice Wine would not be possible.  It is truly the best thing about cold weather and the best thing about Cold Country.  Yeah, Ice Wine it is.  Cheers!


Roar on the Shore took place on March 19th at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg WI.  Cold Country Vines & Wines will be poured wine for our 2nd year.  Proceeds from this event, put on by the Kewaunee and Dykesville Lion’s Club, benefit local charities and civic activities.  There for the tasting, were 200 different beers and over 100 different wines.  (and around 400 people)  A great time was had by all.