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Spring Frost Takes It’s Toll on Wisconsin

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Frosty Vine

Frost is not a good story for Grape Growers.  Last Saturday night Wisconsin suffered another devastating late spring frost. We, at Cold Country, are thanking the man upstairs for saving us…. but most of Wisconsin did not fare so well.  As you may remember, we were hit badly last year while the rest of the state was fine. This year is more typical of the normal weather pattern in this state.  Along the lake, the temperature stays 5 to 10 degrees colder than further inland so the buds don’t break until about two to three weeks later than our western friends.  Before bud break the grapes can take much colder temperatures.  Added to that, the lake normally keeps the temperature a few degrees warmer at night. Not the case on Saturday night for the western half of the state who lost most of their primary shoots. The good news is that the grapevine is a very resilient plant.  The secondary buds will start growing in a couple of weeks and those affected vines will still bear fruit producing about 50% less of a crop.  That’s exactly what happened to cold country last year.  We at Cold Country wish our fellow grape growers the best of luck for we have been there.