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Why Visit a Small, Rural Winery?

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Why would anyone want to visit a small, rural winery? There are a lot of reasons why smaller is often better.

Let’s first look at the difference between large and small wineries.

A large winery is much like a corporation. They produce wines with a large working staff and winemaking equipment and sophisticated branding and marketing. Of course, none of that means their wines are necessarily any good. Small wineries, on the other hand, offer a more intimate look at the wine production process and are usually managed by a group of family members with great enthusiasm and passion towards the wine they make.

Obviously, large wineries produce more wine, but do they really produce better wines?

Small or rural wineries typically put great effort towards producing better wine than their larger counterparts. For one thing, they have to.

Without the massive marketing budgets of large wineries, the wine has to speak for itself. winery

Smaller wineries also tend to be more focused on specific wines — those that they love and know they make well. And, due to the passion they have for their handiwork, they typically make a better bottle.

There’s certainly more care given to a bottle of wine that isn’t made on an assembly line.

Another benefit of visiting a small, rural winery is that you’ll probably have an opportunity to meet and learn from the winemaker themselves. You’ll also see how and where the grapes are grown.winery

You won’t experience this at any of the urban wineries popping up because they buy their grapes instead of growing them.

Why a Small Rural Winery is the way to go!

It wouldn’t be true to say that small, rural wineries always produce better wine. However, if you’re looking for a better wine tasting experience — one that’s more personal and where you might even learn something — then a small, rural winery is the way to go.

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