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The New Wine Glass

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Many people that come into our winery ask us about our wine glasses and how we picked them.  That was a story of experimentation and testing.  But now that we are a few years into running a tasting room, we are finding out there is more to a wine glass than just a place to put your wine before you slug it down.


For instance, the stem is most commonly considered the area you hold the wine glass to prevent your body heat from changing the temperature of the wine.  Another reason for holding on to the stem is to prevent any of the 100 different fragrances you’ve encountered in a day, such as soap, cologne, or food, from getting near the top of the glass where it could interfere with your experience of getting the full effect of the wine’s aroma.

The bowl of the glass is an area of great influence toward the experience the drinker will have.  The rim must be narrower than the lower bowl to keep the wine’s aroma in but it must also be thin enough to make the transition from glass to mouth smoothly.   One more thing on the bowl, it should be large enough that you only have to fill it to about one third full for your serving amount.  This allows for an effective swirl which again enhances both the smell and the taste of the wine.

At Cold Country Vines & Wines we have or will have, 3 wine glasses; The Bordeaux, a large bowl glass, the Taster or white wine glass, and the Flute for Ice wine which consists of a smaller glass, which will not warm the chilled wine significantly.   These three are adequate for any occasion and most wine styles.  However, if you really want to get a complete experience from any given white, red or rose’ wine, you should go with the Bordeaux.  The glass we will be using in the future is a Bordeaux and has a 20-ounce bowl, which means you can pour a six ounce pour and still be less than one third full.  This makes a big difference in the overall experience of drinking with this glass.  Your wine selection will exude more aroma and taste.  Of course if you’ve selected a bad wine, it’s going to taste even worse, but there has to be some negatives.  Two more negatives would be price and breakage.  The price will be higher for a high quality Bordeaux and they will chip and crack slightly easier.

Wine glass selection is something we do better at Cold Country Vines & Wines.   Our goal is to give our customers the best experience possible.  If that means spending a little bit more on glasses to serve our customers with, that’s what we are going to do.