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New Rose’ Released at Cold Country!

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Pink Snowflake Front

Cold Country Vines & Wines has released a new rose’ wine, Pink Snowflake. This is our first Rose’ to come out of our vineyard. It has notes of pineapple, peach, and orange peel with just a slight fluttering of tannin to make for a balanced middle mouth. A refreshing summertime wine for those that want a little more than a white wine. Incidentally, this is was made out of the grapes picked during our last Harvest Fest. That’s right, many of you had a hand in making this wine. The Marechal Foch that was picked at Harvest Fest was blended with some of our LaCrescent, Brianna, and a touch of Merlot.  This was a rose’ made by taking the red grapes and pressing them immediately verses fermenting them on the skins for a week or two. The other way to make a rose’ is to take a white wine and blend it with a red wine. Each has its advantage but the red grape straight to press approach gives a more balanced wine.  This particular wine is a combination of the two methods.  So come on out and try it. There is only about 50 cases so don’t wait too long.

Also If you would like to pick grapes during this years harvest, there are two ways to go about this.  The first is to come to our Harvest Fest on September 24th, which is always a good time and has been since 2012.  Or the second way is to sign up for picking at our tasting room or just send us an email at  We would love to have you, and you get to take part in something special.  Picking is paid in cash or wine, your choice, (must be 21 years old to take the wine).   And if you pick Ice Wine (burrrr), you get a bottle of our amazing Ice Wine.  You won’t regret it.

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