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Marquette Grape – A Wine To Watch At Cold Country!

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marquette grape

Wisconsin probably isn’t the first place you think of when you’re imagining vineyards, wineries, and wine tasting. But thanks to the development of new types of cold-climate grapes including the Marquette grape by the University of Minnesota, Wisconsin is fast becoming a new wine-lover’s paradise.

Grapes are grown in all fifty states and all states produce wine, but grapes thrive in Mediterranean climates like California. And of course, in the minds of most people, California and vineyards just go together. The shorter growing season means vineyards in Wisconsin face a different set of challenges. Not to mention the unforgiving Wisconsin winters!

Enter the Marquette grape:

The Marquette grape is related to Frontenac and Pinot Nior but is cold-hearty enough to withstand a Wisconsin winter. Cold climate grapes and wines are the base of a growing viticulture and wine industry in Wisconsin Wineries.



marquette grape

In 2014 Cold Country Vines & Wines won Silver at the 6th Annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Right now, Marquette grape vines are in very high demand and short supply. Cold Country Vines & Wines is one of the few vineyards in Wisconsin growing Marquette grapes and producing a fine wine from them.

The wines from the Marquette grape are ruby-colored, with pronounced tannins. They also feature complex notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.

The “Napa Valley Register” describes wines made from the Marquette grapes as “evolved quickly in the glass, revealing nuances over the two-hour tasting. In general, the panel found deep ruby-colored wines, light but firm tannins, balancing acidity, lots of fruit, in a light-to medium-bodied wine.”

Cold Country Vines & Wines’ Marquette grape is grown in our own vineyard. We add to our volume by purchasing Marquette from three other vineyards in Wisconsin and one in Michigan. This wine is a delicious red with notes of cherry, blackberry and vanilla. Marquette wine goes very well with salmon or lighter meat dishes.