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Jay’s Story Time!

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Okay, it’s not a story but it was somewhat of an adventure. With all the activities Jay and Kay have to deal with during the summer, they don’t get out too much.  Last week however, they had to attend a business meeting in Santa Barbara California Thursday and Friday.  So rather than come straight home they decided to take the weekend and do a little wine tasting of their own.  According to Jay the wine tasting around Paso Robles was nothing short of spectacular.  The reds were absolutely wonderful.  They only wished they could have stayed a little longer so that they could have tried a few more. There are 300 wineries in the Paso Robles district!  Yes 300. We in Wisconsin feel like we have a lot of wineries with just over 100 in the entire state.  And around Santa Barbara County Kay says she tasted the best chardonney ever at Fess Parker Winery.  (Yes, that is the Fess Parker that played Davey Crocket).  He passed away a few years ago but his family still runs the winery to this day.
So, what did they learn?  Tasting is pretty much the same in California as Wisconsin, you just don’t have to drive as far in between stops.  The other interesting thing they noted is the Californian’s that learned of Cold Country’s Ice Wines were eager to try some and begged them to bring some back with them on their next trip.  I think some trading may be on the way!