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Jay Stoeger – The Man Behind Cold Country Vines & Wines

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Welcome to harvest season at vineyards in Wisconsin! Fall is very busy at any vineyard, but at vineyards in Wisconsin this is an especially busy time as we work 18 hours and more every day to bring in the grapes that will become next year’s wine!

We want to make sure that you see the people behind the bottle! Mitch Frank, Associate Editor at “Wine Spectator Magazine” says, when you’re experiencing wine, “Don’t forget about the folks pouring the wine.”

In his article, “Behind Every Great Glass of Wine Is a Person with a Great Story” Mitch explains that “One of the joys of the wine industry is that people share a passion you rarely find in industries that make high-tech sprockets or trade complex financial instruments. And they are almost always delighted to meet someone who enjoys their wine as much as they do.”

And that couldn’t be more true for us at Cold Country Vines & Wines and all vineyards in Wisconsin!vineyards in wisconsin

Here’s a little bit about Jay:

Jay comes from a family of grape growers and wine lovers!

  • His grandparents had a large arbor of concord grapes in northern Wisconsin.
  • Jay’s aunt and uncle also grew a variety of “cooler” climate grapes not far from his grandparents’ home.
  • Jay’s father collected fine European wines.
  • One of his earliest memories are of smudge pots and canvas that would keep the crops from freezing as early as the first week in September.

Welcome To Cold Country Vines & Wines – One of the largest vineyards in Wisconsin!

So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a tasting! And be sure to ask Jay about his experiences in the winery, his experiences with vineyards in Wisconsin, and the story of the bottle you’re trying! He’s happy to share.

Cold Country Vines & Wines is located in Kewaunee, WI where Jay and his wife Kay operate the winery and vineyard.