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Why Growing Great Grapes and Making Great Wine are the Same

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A good wine is the direct result of quality grapes. In fact, it’s the main factor in a good wine. The quality of grapes, not the winemaker, produce the best-quality wine. Great grapes and great wine are the same thing.

To make good wines, it is very important to have a good grape-growing process. Picking the fruit when it is mature and ripe is also important for wine quality.

What’s so hard about growing good grapes? Location, for one. Grape vines must be grown in the appropriate type of soil and be strategically located in an area where there’s sunlight. This fills the grapes with sugar and aids photosynthesis.

Vines must also be kept clear of excess moisture. They don’t respond properly to puddles or moist areas. Soil with insufficient nutrients isn’t a major concern, as that can lead to more compact fruits and smaller grapes are far more ideal for winemaking. However, the grower does have to make proper use of compost to help with the grape’s development.

Spacing is also an important aspect of growing grapes. For a larger crop production, grapes should be grown in lines, around eight to 10 feet apart. Smaller crops can be spaced about six feet apart. Proper drainage is required for all vines.

Unwanted pests like insects or birds make the possibility of a smaller than expected harvest relatively high. That makes growing grapes a numbers game.

great wine

Planting the vines is just the beginning of the process. Vines constantly need to be monitored and tended to, from tying the growing shoots to the vine’s trellis to determining the proper sugar content, which ultimately determines when a grape should be picked.

Growing grapes requires a lot of effort and time. Growing great grapes requires patience and attention to detail.

Great Wine comes from Great Grapes!

If the grapes that are grown aren’t just right, the wine will be lacking and you’ll taste it. No winemaker can cover up bad grapes. Great wine starts with great grapes.

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