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What is a Boutique Winery?

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A lot of people ask us what makes a boutique winery different than a regular winery. In most cases, a lot more than just size. First, we should properly define what a winery is. It’s a property that produces wine or a business involved in the production of win. Winemakers produce a number of wines from different grapes through the process of fermentation and blending and aging of the juice. The grapes may be from the winery’s vineyard or, as you’re seeing more frequently, they may be purchased from another location.

Defining a Boutique WineryBoutique Winery

The term boutique winery creates a picture of the small winery where every wine is handmade with a personal touch. While there’s plenty of truth to that, the picture of the boutique winery is somewhat larger. Most wine lovers recognize that a boutique winery is small, when compared to the well-known “name” wineries. Because of its size, a boutique winery is often able to establish a personal connection with its customers. The staff of a boutique winery tend to possess a lot of enthusiasm for their wines and for wine in general. It’s not uncommon for the winemaker to interact with the customers themselves. The people, which are ultimately the real difference, frequently see making wine as an art more so than as a business. Boutique wineries do not create their wines on a grand scale. Each wine is created as part of a small, limited run. Each one of them will be unique and distinct, unlike dull, mass-produced consumer wines.

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Are Boutique Wineries Better?

In many instances, the answer is yes. They simply produce better wine. At a boutique winery, the owner or winemaker is likely involved in every step of the winemaking process, from planting to bottling. He or she might also be available to drink and discuss wine with you when you visit. You won’t find that at larger, corporate wineries. The main issue that boutique wineries have is gaining notoriety. That usually happens though word of mouth. If a winery makes good wine, wine aficionados will spread the word. So keep your ears open for the next great winery because you probably won’t see an advertisement for it.

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