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Award Winning Wines From Cold Country Vines & Wines

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Award Winning Wines

Cold Country Vines & Wines wins Double Gold and Silver at 6th Annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition

Kewaunee, WI: Cold Country Vines & Wines is excited to announce two of their wines were awarded prizes in the 6th Annual International Cold Climate Wine Competition. ‘La Crescent’ was awarded Double Gold and ‘Marquette’ was awarded Silver. Both wines are 2013 vintage.

Award Winning Wines

Award Winning WineAward winning wine

Only two Double Gold awards were presented to Wisconsin vineyards. The ‘La Crescent’ wine is a single varietal wine. ‘La Crescent’ is a white wine with a crisp flavor due to high acidity; it is made into a semi-sweet table wine.

Cold Country Vines & Wines also received a Silver award for its ‘Marquette’, also a single varietal. Marquette grapes were developed by the University of Minnesota, to be a cold-hardy grape that is closely related to Frontenac and Pinot Nior.

Over 284 wines from 59 commercial wineries in 11 states competed in this year’s event. In order to be eligible for consideration, the wine must be made from cold-hardy grape varieties and fruit content.


Cold County Vines & Wines began production of wine in 2013 and opened in May 2014. The vineyard is located on the edge of the East Twin River Valley, making it ideal for cold-hardy grape growing.

The International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC) is a partnership between the Minnesota Grape Growers Associate and the University of Minnesota. The ICCWC states “This competition is the only one exclusively dedicated to wines made from cold-hardy grape varieties that can withstand the winters known to the Upper Midwest, North East, and parts of Canada.”

About Cold Country Vines & Wines

Vineyard owners Jay and Kay Stoeger have begun planting different varieties of cold-hardy grapes in their vineyard; land that is located on the edge of the East Twin River Valley, making it ideal for grape growing – with airflow that moves the cold frost of the spring and fall out of the vineyard. With a 16 acre vineyard and 10,000 grape vines, it’s already one of the largest vineyards in Wisconsin.

Jay and Kay opened Cold Country Vines & Wines in May 2014. Production began at harvest time in 2013 and Cold Country’s first release of its special wines debuted in May 2014. E3207 Nuclear Road (Carlton), Kewaunee, WI 54216

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