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Vineyard Pruning Makes Great Wine

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Spring Pruning

Pictured above is the vineyard showing just a hint of green grass.  In about two weeks we’ll start Spring pruning.  Each vine will have about 85% of its growth removed from last year so that new growth will start from where we want it to start and produce fruit where we want it to produce fruit.  It sounds kind of silly but doing it this way allows us to control how much energy the vine puts into fruit production and how much sunlight will reach the fruit.  This helps produce delicious flavors in our wines that you can get with fully ripened grapes.


Roar on the Shore will be taking place on March 19th at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds in Luxemburg WI.  Cold Country Vines & Wines will be pouring wine for our 2nd year.  Proceeds from this event, put on by the Kewaunee and Dykesville Lion’s Club, benefit local charities and civic activities.  There for the tasting, will be 200 different beers and over 100 different wines.  Tickets are available at the door or by calling 388-3553.  Busses will be running from Kewaunee and Algoma to and from the event for advance ticket holders.

A romantic end to a beautiful day with Cold Country Wine.
Photo by Kathie Giuliani.